Delivery Information

Super Bowl Badge Program

All badges are custom made to order. Badge Pre-orders placed on or before September 15, 2018 will ship to the department POC in the first departmental shipments in mid December. Acrylic orders may ship at a later date separately from any loose badges ordered at the same time. Orders placed after September 15, 2018 will ship after the initial December shipment in the order that they are received. Typically badge orders placed after the pre-order period ship to the designated department POC within approximately 8 – 10 weeks, acrylics ship in approximately 12-16 weeks. Loose badges and acrylics ordered at the same time will ship separately so as not to delay badge delivery. For security purposes all badges are shipped to a pre-determined POC at your respective department. Badges ordered WILL NOT be shipped to the “ship to” address entered when checking out, and you DO NOT have to list your department POC address when checking out, please list your personal/home address. This information will be used by your department POC to notify you that your order has been received and alert you to delivery and/or pick up options. Badge orders are available to authorized department personnel only. All delivered orders are subject to review, approval and release from your respective department POC. Orders placed by unauthorized personnel, or non-agency customers may be seized by the respective department POC. NO REFUNDS will be given in cases of confiscation or seizure of badges ordered by unauthorized personnel.